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Engineered OEM Solutions

Designing a clean and simple product can provide serious challenges when bolted connections, pins and unique geometry parts are critical to success. AEHH strives to understand your goals by listening to your company’s needs. This knowledge is critical to helping find and present technologies that may benefit your products.

AEHH has sought out and partnered with the below manufacturers whose solutions continually revolutionize the design and function of our customers products. These products provide simple, efficient ways to make tasks safe, easy and improve longevity in many cases. Select from one of the below categories to expand your knowledge on the cutting-edge technologies AEHH can provide.

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Hydraulic and Mechanical Tensioners

Nord-Lock Group’s Superbolt and Boltight Divisions have been at the forefront of zero-friction tensioning for decades. AEHH works with Nord-Lock Group’s experienced engineering team is here to help provide you guidance when designing a tensioner into your build. Nord-Lock Group is sure to have the correct tensioner for your application, by providing many standard sizes and materials as well as the ability to manufacture small, medium and large quantities of custom tensioners.

Types of Tensioners

Below are the different categories of tensioners that Nord-Lock Group offers.

Superbolt: Bolting made simple.

Mechanical Bolt and Nut Style Tensioners by Nord-Lock Group

Many challenges are faced when manufacturing products that requires the assembly of large diameter nuts and bolts. When using a turn torque solution, high preloads are not easily met or controlled because of the logistical and ergonomic challenges of fastening in these applications. Controlling preload is limited to 25% accuracy at best, when all torque procedures are being followed without any error.

Superbolt was the world’s first to revolutionize nuts and bolts with multi-jackbolt tensioning technology. Since then, our technology has been proven in tens of thousands of successful installations and we continue to develop a multitude of solutions to solve the next generation of bolting challenges. By using zero friction mechanical tensioning, bolts stretch under pure tension without any torque wind up, resulting in a safe, fast and accurate way to control preload in a tight tolerance around 10% accuracy.

Common Applications for Mechanical Tensioners

Below are some of the industries and applications where mechanical tensioners are used throughout industry both OEM and Aftermarket. In many instances, our OEM business results from solving a challenge for the end user in the field. The combination of installation labor savings, increased quality control and reduced risk of injury provides many opportunities for mechanical tensioners to provide cost savings in your operation.

Superbolt product applications poster

Case Studies

Applications include: Press columns, tie rods, bearing blocks, high pressure piping, die cushions, cylinder ram bolting, anchor bolts, and more.

Superbolt product application

The world's largest bolt-style multi-jackbolt tensioner 28" diameter x 40' long (711,2 mm diameter and 12,2 m long). This was used on a large hydraulic forging press.

Superbolt product application

Eight Superbolt column nuts required only 12 man-hours for installation vs. 2-1/2 full days of heating for columns.

Superbolt product application

Split-Nut thrust collars are a custom designed product from Superbolt that are much easier to install and remove than other large threaded fasteners on large press columns.

Power Generation
Applications include: Turbine couplings, stay rods, manway doors, inlet flanges, boiler circ pump main flange, boiler feed pump head and barrel casing, turbine wheel to shaft bolting, pelton turbine nozzles, servo piston nuts, bearing housings, and more.

Superbolt product application

With Superbolt tensioners, joints in awkward positions in confined spaces can be tightened. This Francis wheel has regular maintenance requirements which became manageable with MJTs connecting the wheel to the shaft.

Superbolt product application

For this boiler feed pump the 5-inch (127 millimeter) studs were previously tightened with a very large wrench in conjunction with heating rods. This method required 1-2 shifts (sometimes three) with three workers for installation or removal. Occasionally a nut would seize and would require destructive removal. For this boiler feed pump, MJTs were installed using ½-inch impacts for initial tightening, and calibrated torque wrenches for the final torque step. Two workers were utilized for the installation which required about fifteen minutes to spin the tensioners into position, and one hour and twenty-one minutes to tighten. This was a significant time savings versus the previous method.

Why are customers using Superbolt?

Contact us today to learn how Superbolt products can fit into your application or check out our Nord-Lock Group Page in the header.

Hydraulic Nuts

Hydraulic Nut Tensioners by Nord-Lock Group

Hydraulic nuts enable large diameter bolts to be tensioned with ease to high and accurate preloads. A hydraulic pump activates the internal jacking system, so the effort required to tighten a very large diameter bolt is reduced to the effort needed to operate the pump.

As there is no nut rotation during tightening, the operation can be performed in a confined space and torsional stresses on thread damage are eliminated. Any number of hydraulic nuts can be connected together for simultaneous operation, ensuring all bolts in the joint can be evenly loaded to the same high and accurate preload.

Why are customers using Hydraulic Nuts?

How Hydraulic Nuts Work

Contact us today to learn how Boltight Hydraulic Nuts can fit into your application.

Mechanical Expansion Bolts

EzFit and Hyfit by Nord-Lock Group

EzFit mechanical expansion bolts and Hyfit hydraulic expansion bolts, both offer tremendous radial expansion and joint clamping power in one bolting system. They are specially designed for rotating couplings or alignment systems that require the bolts to transfer forces in shear.

This innovative product replaces large fitted or interference fit bolts, no modifications required. The key to this solution is the split expansion sleeve that mates with the customers' machined holes. The split sleeve requires less tolerance on mating parts than is traditionally required with interference fit, saving critical machining time.

Styles of Expansion Bolts?

A Type

Expansion A-Type

Mechanical expansion bolt for threadless bore
Access and operation from one side
Dimension on request

B Type

Expanion B-Type

Mechanical expansion bolt for blind holes
Access and operation from one side
∅ 28 – 165mm

C Type

Expansion C-Type

Mechanial expansion bolt for through-holes
Access and operation from both sides
∅ 28 – 165mm

Expansion Bolt Applications

Superbolt product application

Flange coupling of the gear box on a wind turbine. An expansion bolt with integrated Superbolt technology is used to transmit the enormous torque. The solution is also compact and does not add a lot of weight, which was a requirement.

Superbolt product application

Superbolt expansion bolts are ideally suited for shaft couplings, as seen here on this Francis type pump/generator shaft coupling at a pumped storage facility.

How Expansion Bolts Work

Contact us today to learn how Expansion bolts can fit into your application.

Expander: The Permenant Solution to Lug Wear

EXPANDER Pivot Pin Technology by Nord-Lock Group

Lug wear is a common problem with all machinery. Repairs involve a costly, time-consuming process with significant downtime and must be repeated several times over a machine’s life.

With the Expander System, the repair can be carried out directly in the worn mountings without welding and line boring – a permanent solution to lug wear.

Prevent lug wear from the first installation

Experts in the design and manufacture of machinery deserve to partner with experts in pivot pins. Whatever your machine, industry or application, EXPANDER will create the perfect pivot pin for your assemblies. From structural strength calculations to the dimensioning and production of your complete pivot pin axle – their personalized service will accompany you throughout the pivot pin creation process.

Their manufacturing plant in Dewitt, IA United States guarantee a speedy delivery, wherever you are in the world. With your pivot pin project in safe hands, you can dedicate more time to other areas of the machine building process.

Expander System is used by many OEMs, including Caterpillar, Komatsu, Volvo and John Deere.

Case Study


After many hours of operation in the abrasive conditions of a gran¬ite quarry, the truck had suffered significant wear in its suspension lug mountings and hoist mount¬ings, and required maintenance work. Because of the design of the Caterpillar 777G, line boring would have required removal and storage of the rear wheels. As each wheel weighs 4 tonnes, it is a manually intensive and risky job.

Furthermore, line boring is a costly, disruptive and time-consuming process that had been an integral part of Blackwell’s business for decades due to the use of regular straight pins. At a modern mine, every minute of lost production costs money, so to keep production going, replace¬ment machines were brought in, which increases complications and expenses. When Expander System approached the compa¬ny with an alternative, they were happy to try it.

During the installation of the new pins, the heavy rear wheels of Blackwell’s 777G could stay in place, which alone saved several hours.

“With the Expander System, downtime was reduced from days to just a few hours,” says Blackwell Plant Manager, David Lancashire. “While it’s too early to judge the long-term savings, the system has already given us impressive savings in both time and money.”

The Expander System also increases the lifecycle of the joint up to 50,000 hours. After a positive start with the system, Blackwell recently used it on a wheeled loader and are look¬ing to increase its use as a repair option on their extensive fleet.

Why are customers using Expander Systems?

Caterpillar equipment using Expander technology

How EXPANDER Pivot Pin Technology Works

Installation guide:

  1. The Expander System is installed directly into the existing mounting
  2. Upon tightening the fasteners, the washer presses the slotted expansion sleeve up the tapered ends of the pin
  3. The sleeves expand, conform with the wear pattern and lock the system in the lug ears
  4. Once retorqued, the system will lock from both sides

Contact us today to learn how EXPANDER Pivot Pin Technology can eliminate lug wear into your application.

Nord-Lock: Wedge Locking Technology

Wedge-Locking Technology by Nord-Lock Group

Extreme vibration and dynamic loads often cause bolting challenges for manufactures. Nord-Lock wedge-locking technology secures bolted joints with tension instead of friction. The system is composed of a pair of reusable lock washers with cams on one side and radial teeth on the other. Nord-Lock wedge-locking products secure the fastener in a joint which cannot be loosened even when subjected to extreme vibration or dynamic loads. The Nord-Lock range includes steel construction washers, wheel nuts, combi bolt washers and custom solutions.

Why are customers using Wedge-Locking Technology?

How Wedge-Locking Technology Works

Contact us today to learn how Wedge-Locking Technology can secure hardware into your application.

Industrial Indicators: Incredibly advanced. Surprisingly simple.

DTI Smart-Bolts - Direct Tension Indicating

Confirming and maintaining tension of fasteners can be a timely but critical job for many manufactures. Using expensive tools and measuring equipment have their place but often lead to problems when customers are maintaining equipment in the field. DTI (Direct Tension Indicating) Smart Bolts directly correlate fastener tension with color. Accuracy and reliably is ensured because the color change of the DTI Visual Indication System™ is proportional to fastener stretch — the only true measure of how tight your joint is (torque readings can be misleading since torque only measures how difficult it is to turn the bolt head).

The Smart Bolts built-in visual tension indicator turns from red to black when proper tension has been reached — and is completely reversible for the life of the fastener.

Umatched Benefits of Industrial Indicators

How do DTI SmartBolts work?

Visual Bolt Tension IndicatorsThe visual indicator in a DTI SmartBolt gradually changes color according to the amount of tension that is applied to the bolt. The visual indicator is black when Design Tension is reached and red when loose. This color change provides a real-time indication of bolt tension.

Visual Indication System from Industrial Indicators

Can the DTI Visual Indicator be designed into any type of fastener?
DTI SmartBolts are available in a wide range of fastener types and sizes. Please review the Fastener Size Ranges table for additional information. If you have a requirement that is not listed in the table, please contact us to discuss availability.

Can I use normal tools with DTI SmartBolts?
Yes! DTI SmartBolts are designed to be used with the same tools you’re already using to install and maintain your bolted joints. In cases where the indicator is covered with a tool during use, we recommend tightening the DTI SmartBolt in stages to check the indicator and prevent overtightening.

DRI Visual Indication System

The DTI Visual Indication System™ continuously measures and displays tension information. From loose to tight and back again, the system is reliable and repeatable through countless cycles of operation. It is compatible with a wide range of fastener types, and we can adapt it to fasteners of nearly every available grade, finish, and coating.

Visual Indication System from Industrial Indicators

Their engineering team can design the DTI Visual Indication System to meet the specific requirements of your application. During the design phase, a Design Tension is specified. The Design Tension identifies a properly tightened SmartBolt.

Specific details from Industrial Indicators

Do DTI SmartBolts indicate tension or torque?
The DTI SmartBolt indicator measures tension. When a bolt is tightened, it is forced to stretch. This stretching force on a fastener is also called tension. Tension creates the clamp force that holds your bolted joints together.

Unprecedented Value from Industrial Indicators

Case Studies from SmartBolt

Case studies from Industrial Indicators Case studies from Industrial Indicators Fastener size ranges from Industrial Indicators

Contact us today to learn how DTI Smart Bolts can verify tension into your application.

Deedrick Precision Machining, Inc.

Deedrick Precision Machining

AEHH is partnered with Deedrick Precision Machining to provide you with a competitive source for small, medium and large volume precision machined parts. We work with our customers in the design and development of new products, custom parts and the modification or improvement of existing parts.


Deedrick capabilities

Contact us today to learn how AEHH can be of assistance in your application.

Heico-Lock Ring Lock Washers


Heico Ring Lock WasherHEICO-LOCK® Ring Lock Washers provide high-quality, user-friendly bolt securing for the most demanding of applications and are ideal for repeated use.
The ring locking system guarantees that the two wedge lock washers are always fastened in the correct position with the wedge shaped cams on the inside and the radial teeth on the outside. This means that the bolt locking system is always easy, safe and quick to install, even for non-specialist users.


HEICO-LOCK® Ring Lock Washers are supplied pre-assembled. The ring locking system consists of a polyamide ring (PA) and the already familiar HEICO-LOCK® Wedge Lock Washers.


Heico Combi WasherThe efficient combined securing system for highly loaded bolted connections.
HEICO-LOCK® ® Combi-Washers enable quick and easy assembly, especially in difficult installation situations. Combine the simple to use HEICO-LOCK® Combi-Washers with all commercially available bolts provided by your suppliers, quickly and easily.

Tailored precisely to your requirements.

Heico Combi Washer on BoltWe supply HEICO-LOCK® Combi-Washers to meet your requirements. Fit HEICO-LOCK® Combi-Washers to your own existing bolts, quickly and easily. You can choose to carry out this step yourself or we can supply you with pre-assembled bolts ready to use.

HEICO-LOCK® Combi-Washers fit all commercially available bolts, giving you a decisive advantage as the combi product enables you to optimize your purchases through space-saving storage. Benefit from our short delivery times and attractive small purchase quantities too.

Heico-Tec Tensioning Systems


Heico Multi Tool
Heico Multi Tool


Heico Multi ToolDue to its unique design, the HEICO-TEC® Tension Nut can be tightened and untightened by hand, making installation easy, reliable, and safe.

For use in serial production, HEICO have developed the HEICO-TEC® Multi-Tool. This tool allows the simultaneous tightening of all the pressure bolts, simply by the press of a button, without any additional force being required by the installation personnel.



Heico Multi ToolThe HEICO-TEC® Multi-Tool is equipped with spindles for each pressure bolt which are driven hydraulically. This ensures that each pressure bolt is tightened with the exact same torque. With the HEICO-TEC® Multi-Tool subsequent manual checking with a torque wrench, as is common with other tools, is no longer required, saving precious time.
The HEICO-TEC® Multi-Tool is easily mounted using spring-loaded sockets. During further alignment of the tool the sockets snap in place automatically.
The HEICO-TEC® Multi-Tool is driven by a hydraulic unit incorporating a pump, controls and an oil container. You can either use your existing hydraulic unit or purchase one from HEICO, if preferred.
The torque can be selected by adjusting the hydraulic pressure on a pressure valve. A helpful conversion table is provided along with any HEICO-TEC® Multi-Tool supplied.

Heico Form Product Banner


We work wire (steel, stainless steel, nonferrous metals and special alloys) with a diameter ranging from 2 mm to 16 mm into solid parts, semi-hollow parts and hollow parts. These special parts can have length of up to 100 mm and a head or collar diameter of up to 30 mm.

Solid and semi-solid parts

The manufacture of solid and semi-hollow parts is based on customer-specific requirements. Depending on customer wishes, the head and bore geometries of the items are produced contrary to the usual DIN specifications.

Heico Solid and Semi-Solid Parts

Sleeves / Hollow Parts

Sleeves are manufactured in different head and shank geometries. Thanks to economical production on our multi-stage presses considerable cost savings can be made compared with conventional turned parts.

Heico Sleeves and Hollow Parts

Threaded Parts

Internal or external threads can be manufactured both mechanically and by machine-cutting in finishing. These operations are called thread rolling, thread moulding or thread cutting.

Heico Threaded Parts

Knurled Parts

Machined parts can be manufactured with a radial or an axial knurl. These knurls are applied in the course of the pressing operation or in the downstream mechanical machining.

Heico Knurled Parts

Step pins

Step pins are commonly used in hinge technology as moving link elements. In assemblies they act as spacers between the components.

Heico Step Pins

Ball pins

We manufacture ball pins with different part geometries (such as for example hexagon head or recessed drives in the ball head) for riveting, welding or screwing. This group of parts can be manufactured by machine-cutting or even ready finished with segment tools on our multi-stage presses.
Special machining processes such as induction hardening of the ball or thread locking can be implemented at the customer's request.

Heico Ball Pins

Metal plastic parts

The pressed cold-formed parts are fed by robot technology and form a keyed connection after plastic injection moulding.

Heico Metal Plastic Parts

Special parts

We manufacture on our multi-stage presses project-specific special and development parts which are realised using cutting-edge tool technology. Special profile wires can be used here or even non-standard designs can be pressed.

Heico Special Parts