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Plant Maintenance Solutions

Keeping your plant up and running is a time sensitive task that can impact your bottom line. This is especially true when ongoing challenges are left unresolved. In situations like this, AEHH is here to help with innovative solutions you may not have considered. Shown below are (5) solution categories that will save your company money with no additional sacrifice in time. In fact, most categories will actually reduce necessary maintenance time. Click on any category to learn more.


Sourcing reliable air motors can be a challenge for manufacturers. With tighter station layouts small profile motors, with large power output, have become a necessity for today’s manufacturing plants. Deprag offers the solution with their turbine series air motors. These compact design solutions offer big performance from a small package by harnessing the same technology found in jet engine turbines. Deprag offers safe and robust drive systems in applications where overload-safe and powerful drive is required. This is especially true in areas where conventional drive technology cannot continue to rotate.

Deprag excels in applications where air motors must be oil-free, sealed, and insensitive to cleaning solvent. This is important in applications like the food industry and medical applications when motors must be sterilizable. The ATEX-compliant motor series offers protection for the total system – including air motor, brake and gearing, these robust motors are ready to be used in explosion hazardous environments.

AEHH will help you select the most economical and the safest drive solution that best fits your application, we have you covered whether the solution is an air motor from Deprag’s catalog program or if it is a complex customized system.

Features of Deprag Air Motors

Deprag Air Motor poster Deprag Air Motor poster Deprag Air Motor poster Deprag Air Motor poster

Benefits to Your Process vs Conventional Drive Technology

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Applications of Deprag air motor

Mechanical tensioning solution by SUPERBOLT

Mechanical Tensioning Solutions by SUPERBOLT

Securing fasteners with high preloads is now simple, safe and affordable with Superbolt. Superbolt products achieve clamp load by applying a small torque input into each jackbolt that reacts on a washer, as shown below. The result is a large output that is easily achieved with common hand wrenches. Many manufactures with presses use Superbolt products to maintain accurate preloads on their press columns, tie rods, die cushions and more! When the energy sector requires a reliable method to secure turbine couplings, foundation bolts, boiler feed heaters, pumps, valves and other critical connections, Superbolt delivers the solution that will reduce down time, improve quality control and increase worker safety.

Superbolt poster For example, a lubricated Grade 8 Bolt with 1.500" thread would require 1,581 ft-lbs. of torque to reach load.

A Superbolt product at same spec only require 33 ft lbs. of torque to each jack bolt – easily achievable with hand tools.

Features of Superbolt Products

3D animation of a Superbolt solution

Benefits to Your Process vs Conventional Turn Torque Methods

Worker using a Superbolt torque tool
Workers using Superbolt tools on a large mechanical system
Worker using a Superbolt torque tool

Click here to learn more about Superbolt on the Nord-Lock Group Tab or contact us to discuss your bolting challenge.

Applications of the GET Energy Recovery tool

GET Energy Recovery

Features of the GET

Deprag Green Energy Turbine poster

Benefits to Your Process

Deprag Green Energy Turbine

For more information on Deprag's GET, contact us today.


Exhausted Air Recycling System products

Exhausted Air Recovery Systems

Air tools are a vital part of your plant’s operation; however, it is very costly to generate compressed air to run them. Exhausted Air Recycling Systems (E.A.R.S) has a solution that will allow you to use your current style tools and put money back into your pocket. By capturing the exhausted air and returning it to the air compressor through a modified intake manifold, your compressor will run less and reduce any issues keeping up with the demands of your shop. Many companies experience growth which is a good thing, but when you run out of air compressor capacity, it can mean investing huge capitol in a new compressor system. E.A.R.S allows you to stay in your current set up long, without sacrificing performance.

Features of E.A.R.S

Cycle diagram of the EARS system

Benefits to Your Process

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Worker using the EARS system