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UpTime is an AEHH platform that manages the support and repair of your tools. Not your traditional repair shop, UpTime gives you the flexibility to preschedule your tool repairs and much more. With the ability to custom-tailor your tool servicing, you’ll see greatly reduced turn-around times between tool pickup and return. This is accomplished through the pre-ordering of your tool’s repair parts, which are on hand before your tools are picked up for service. Now, instead of waiting multiple weeks for parts before repairs can be made, UpTime can have your tools back to you in a matter of days!

Shown below are the (3) categories of tool repair UpTime offers and the (4) levels of repair it provides. So whether you’re in need of a one-time fix on a trusty old tool, or you’re looking for a dependable source for repairing your tools on a weekly basis, UpTime by AEHH has a “customizable” solution that is sure to satisfy your needs.

Services Provided With

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Power Tool Repair

All brands of power tools are repaired, either in house or onsite. Tool types include: air and electric air hammers, chipping hammers, drills, grinders, impacts, ratchets, riveters, rivet busters, sanders and scalers (other equipment may be repairable on review).

Picture of a worker repairing a power tool

Torque Tool Repair

All brands of torque control tools are repaired, either in house or onsite. Tool types include: screwdrivers, nut runners, pulse tools and DC Electric Systems.

Torque Tool Torque Control Solutions

Torque Audit / Certification

All brands of torque control tools can be audited and certified, either in house or onsite. We use AIMCO and MOUNTZ torque auditing equipment.

Torque Audit and Certification

Select the UpTime Program that Best Fits Your Needs!

Standard Repairs

UpTime’s basic repair service. No parts-stock is dedicated to your tools. Repairs are estimated in 3-5 business days of pickup, with completion within 5 days or less of receiving parts from the manufacturer. Salesman visits weekly, bi-weekly or monthly to pick up your tools and drops them off when repairs are completed.

DS Program

Our Dedicated Stock Program (DS) is designed for customers with applications that require frequent tool repair. When repairing tools in house, maintaining parts inventory can be a challenge due to long manufacturer lead times. UpTime solves this problem by stocking a month’s supply of parts for you. Now, instead of being left high and dry for weeks, waiting for parts, you can have them in days.

PM Program

UpTime’s Preventative Maintenance Program (PM) eliminates the need to wait for parts and will keep your tools running at peak without disrupting production. Using the parts breakdown for your tools, we preorder common wear parts and replace them on a time interval that you establish. Once your tools enter our shop you will see turnaround times drop from multiple weeks to just a few days.

Onsite PM and Torque Calibration

Identical to our PM Program with the added benefit that our repair technician comes directly to you! Your tools never leave your building. All brands of power and torque tools can be repaired. And with our portable torque audit equipment, we can verify that your tools are running within their torque spec. DC tools can be calibrated onsite with this technology as well.

Standard Repairs DS Program PM Program Onsite PM and Torque Calibration
Increased tool UpTime X X X
Increased tool longevity X X
Reduced parts inventory carrying cost X X X
Maximum tool performance X X X X
Time Savings X X X
Reduced torque tool setup time X X X
Factory Trained Technician X X X X
Increased convenience X X X X