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Material Removal Solutions

Keeping your grinding room running efficiently is critical your process. AEHH has to solutions to help keep parts moving and your operators feeling fresh at the end of a long workday. Browse the below categories to learn more about what solutions may be of benefit to your application.

Banner for the DEPRAG DiQ Series grinders


Pneumatic grinders have been a stability in material removal and surface preparation for over a century, but the technology has been standing still since that time. Small advances, such as turbine motors and ergonomic designs has improved tool performance and worker safety, but this industry has been lacking in the area of new age technology. The DiQ Series is the first truly revolutionary offering in this field by giving you the ability to live monitor the workload on each grinder through a wireless mesh system. This shows when tools are being used optimally and when they are becoming overloaded or underutilized.

Features of DiQ Series

DiQ Series product poster

Quality Advantages

Flowchart of DiQ Series product intercommunication Characteristics of the pneumatic tool with speed regulator

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Man using a Honsa low vibration percussive tool

Honsa Low Vibration Percussive Tools and Grinders

Operators who use percussive tools or rotary tools with repetition often experience the loss of feeling in their hands and fingers. The problem lies within the air tools that are required for their job. Although providing a great advantage, these tools fail to provide protection from harmful vibration that may lead to serious injuries through accumulation. Shipyards, foundries, steel fabricators and many other industries rely on Honsa tools because of their ergonomic advantage. Honsa’s patented polymer, tunes the harmonic frequency into non harmful waves. The result is that your workers no longer experience tingling or number hands and fingers after using their tools, allowing them to perform at a higher level.

Features of Honsa Tools to Your Process

Worker using a grinder

Benefits to Your Process

Worker in protective gear using a Honsa low vibration percussive tool

For more information on Honsa's low vibration air tools or to schedule a demonstration, please contact us today.

Worker using a Honsa low vibration percussive tool
A Honsa low vibration percussive tool

Worker using a Deprag Turbine Grinder

Deprag Turbine Grinder

Air tools have used the same rotory vane design for years, resulting in a plateau of performance offered like power to weight ratio. Deprag offers a complete line of turbine grinders to supercharge your grinding process. By using turbine motors, Deprag has been able to significantly increase horsepower and reduce the weight by close to 30%. For example, Deprag’s turbine 6 HP cup stone grinder weighs in at 8.8 lbs, some of its 4.1 hp competitors vane motors weigh in over 14 lbs!

Features of Deprag's Turbine Series

Deprag Turbine 3D rendering

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Deprag Turbine Grinder
Deprag Turbine Grinder
Deprag Turbine Grinder

Suhner Flexible Shaft Grinder

Suhner Flexible Shaft Grinders

Electric Grinders offer a unique benefit of maintain their rpm underload but often are not seen as a durable factory tool. Suhner flexible shaft grinders have been trusted industrial solutions for decades. Suspending the motor independent from the hand piece, these machines offer unmatched power to weight ratio compared to any electric tool on the market and rivals the weight on an air tool but these tools are so powerful, even the burliest foundryman has trouble trying to slow down these work horses.

Features of Flexible Shaft Grinders

Suhner Flexible Shaft Grinder 3D schematic

Benefits to Your Process

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Diamond Grinding Wheel

Diamond Grinding Wheels

AEHH has been heavily involved with the pioneering of diamond wheels for the foundry industry. Over the past 10 years, diamond coated abrasives have proven beneficial in gray and ductile foundry applications. AEHH has now paired high quality diamond wheels with high speed grinders from Deprag and Top Cat. These high-speed tools allow the wheel to run more freely, resulting in extended wheel life.

Features and Benefits of Diamond Wheels and High-Speed Grinders

Diamond wheels

Benefits to Your Process

Diamond Grinding Wheels
Diamond Grinding Wheels
Diamond Grinding Wheels

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